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The crowds and the individual: why we should rethink how we debate complex issues on social media

Changing the ways we communicate with each other is of utmost importance if we consider the weak and fragmented character of Syrian secular opposition circles nowadays. Such a reflection inevitably involves the leading voices articulating these important issues (gender, class, among others) to take their responsibility in elaborating their positions...

Divorce Boom in Rojava: Liberated or Second-Class Women?
The establishment of numerous women's organizations in Kurdish-ruled northern Syria has led to an increase in divorce rates that bears a multifaceted impact on society.
Belonging to a Militarized Syria as a Woman
In Baathist Syria, the interplay between loving and belonging to the nation, measured by the readiness to sacrifice and die, constructed an image of the heroic man as the ideal...
Samar Yazbek’s Syrian Voices a Contribution to History
Readers begin to appreciate what, and how much, they do not know. If this is Yazbek’s work between just March and July of 2011, how many bookshelves could the Syrian...
Assad Regime Still Reliant on Fractions of the Sunni Bourgeoisie
Although a new generation of Sunni businessmen emerged as others left the country in the wake of the uprising in 2011, the complex network of relations between the power elite,...
Mom Don’t Worry I’ll Be a Martyr Soon
The story of Malek, whose mother never wanted him to join a pro-regime paramilitary force.

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