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Mom Don’t Worry I’ll Be a Martyr Soon
The story of Malek, whose mother never wanted him to join a pro-regime paramilitary force.
Damascus, the City That Evicted Me
Hayat moved to Damascus in 2003 for a well-remunerated job position. But then the housing crisis brought her on her knees.
Heart to Heart
The first step was to understand the needs and feelings of the interrogator. Dania and her inquisitor were like two people standing on opposite banks of a river, separated by...
A Little Bird Told Me
“A little bird told me” is a phrase we were all used to hearing when we were young. Our parents would say it whenever we had tried our hardest to...
Anas al-Braehe and His Ultimate Muse
“My mom, when still alive, would make clothes for her. Her dresses are so colorful! I would always see her walking around, as if she was floating; there is something...
A Guitar Player Who Fell Victim to the Rifle
His funeral was a military affair: his body was covered with a flag, lowered into the grave by his commanding officers and fellow soldiers, and he was honored with a...
When the Security Forces Arrested Wa'el's Slippers
Al-Shami and his friends numbered 15 and the mosque was filled with worshippers. Al-Shami and his friends felt anxious: what if nobody joined in with them?

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