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How to Remain Faithful to the Ideals of Fadwa Suleiman

Syrian secularists were in effect outside of the revolution, or on its margins at best, which begs question, why have they failed to pin their position on the Syria map, whether politically or militarily, while Fadwa as an individual managed to achieve all that presence alone?

For a Secular Interpretation of Prophethood
Instead of exploring the vast potential available to us to interpret Islam and its prophethood secularly, with much less artificiality and arbitrariness, we have preferred to remain woefully steadfast and...
Lebanese Model an Improvable Precondition Against Tyranny
The Lebanese model is indicative of the importance of state weakness, which is possibly a necessary stage for other countries in the region after decades of absolutist domination in the...
On the Duality of Secularism and Dictatorship and the Rise of Political Islam
Throughout the 20th century, the Arab world has always found itself operating either within an Islamist or nationalist framework. Despite political conflict between the two - sometimes even bloody -...
White Helmets, Not White Collars
Slamming moral denial through a post-Hollywoodization approach.
New Forms of Slavery Plague Society
Hidden slavery practices have surfaced all too often to suffocate Syrians in their choices and to denigrate their souls. Locals have become enslaved to making a living and surviving

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