I am from Salamiya but none of this applies to me
In a country like Baathist and Assadist Syria, people were prohibited from discussing politics as well as manifesting any sound or healthy interest in fellow Syrians. Members of majority and...
Our sectarianism - not just the regime's creation
Talking about sectarianism in Syria is like standing on the line of fire. How can we talk about sectarianism without perpetuating it?
The Ant and the Beast
Wafi became an intelligence agent right before the Syrian revolution broke out because he wanted to know what would happen when he had absolute power. Nightmares filled with ant-headed human...
Ghouta is now in Idlib… Who is next?
When the exhausted residents of Eastern Ghouta arrived in Idlib, they were surprised by a warm and well-organized welcome. Syrian charities and associations were quick to spring to action but...
In Germany, refugee women face obstacles but retain legal support
War is not the only reason why women flee their home countries. Different forms of gender violence are also push factors. While each woman refugee has her own journey, most...

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