Alice Al-Shami

Alice Al-Shami (pseudonym) is a Syrian writer.

Mom Don’t Worry I’ll Be a Martyr Soon
The story of Malek, whose mother never wanted him to join a pro-regime paramilitary force.
Damascus, the City That Evicted Me
Hayat moved to Damascus in 2003 for a well-remunerated job position. But then the housing crisis brought her on her knees.
Why We Decided to Stay in Damascus
For many Syrian dissidents who have left the country out of necessity or desperation, it is quite inconceivable that there remain many anti-regime activists living in Damascus. Some of them...
Alaa Stands in a Lifelong Queue
ِAlaa waits for long in front of the records room at the Recruitment Division. He restlessly watches other students withdraw from the ordinary queue, talk to one of the privates,...

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