Joseph Daher

He is a political activist who has been published in Arabic, French, and English. He blogs at SyriaFreedomForever. He was awarded a doctorate from the School of Oriental and Asian Studies (SOAS). His thesis focused on historical materialism and Hizbullah, and the related book "Hezbollah: The Political Economy of the Party of God" is set to be published in October 2016. Dr. Daher resides in Switzerland, where he teaches at the University of Lausanne.

Assad Regime Still Reliant on Fractions of the Sunni Bourgeoisie
Although a new generation of Sunni businessmen emerged as others left the country in the wake of the uprising in 2011, the complex network of relations between the power elite,...
Militias and Crony Capitalism to Hamper Syria Reconstruction
There remain several challenges for the regime in reaching political and economic stability and securing funds for reconstruction. Some of these challenges are rooted in the internal contradictions and the...

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