From Hass to Nelson Mandela

01 July 2013

News quickly spread that Nelson Mandela was admitted to the hospital because of a lung problem. In the meanwhile, Syria was facing shelling and death at the hands of its tyrannical regime.  However, the town of Hass in the northern governorate of Idlib, which is known for its international posters, did not want the occassion to pass without wishing Mandela health and love, Syrian-revolutionary style.

The people of Hass held a poster in English saying, "Nelson Mandela! We wish we could take all your pains and add them to ours. God Bless you," stressing that Syrians have gotten used to pain, so they wouldn't mind taking away Mandela's pain and adding it on to theirs.

It's important to note that Mandela was one of the main figures that has been idolized by Syrians in the revolution. He was an example for them when they tried to keep the uprising as peaceful as possible, before matters went out of their control.  

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Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad