On the second anniversary of the Syrian revolution, in March 2013, a group of activists, journalists, researchers and academics launched SyriaUntold. Our guiding principle: the world needed a platform for Syria’s peaceful movement to express itself, and for documentation, as the revolution and subsequent war began to span years. The hope was to provide what larger media outlets could not. 

Since then, SyriaUntold has grown into an independent and non-profit outlet to tell Syrian stories that are otherwise pushed to the margins. We are a space for high-quality writing by Syrian women and men involved in the cultural, civil, environmental and creative spheres. 

SyriaUntold is a civil, secular and critical platform for a plurality of voices. We maintain a critical eye on all movements and authorities dominating Syria, without enforcing any specific political line. We hope to both build and widen a democratic and global space for Syrians. 

SyriaUntold regularly evaluates its work, as it criticizes the totalitarian regime (and, indeed, all regimes) as well as the revolution, the opposition, the patriarchy, religious authority and all other authorities. We also welcome topics suggested by readers and outside experts—whom we periodically invite as “guest editors”—for reporting files on topics of their choice, thereby keeping our own editorial hegemony in check. 

SyriaUntold strives to tell stories related to Syria without limiting itself to any narrow geographical space; our coverage spans any place in the world where there are Syrians. 

Finally, SyriaUntold believes in the importance of feminism, LGBTIQ rights, gender and the environment, and dedicates much of its work to support those who have been pushed to the margins of Syrian society for raising their voices on these topics. We give a platform to an array of cultural and social actors, such as filmmakers, photographers, novelists and others, allowing space to develop dialogue and direct it towards the wider Syrian sphere.

Journalists, academics, opinion-makers and creatives are invited to collaborate with us. Do send your ideas to [email protected].

From 2015 to 2018, SyriaUntold was registered as the non-profit UntoldStories ASBL/VZW (BE 0632.607.076) in Belgium. In 2018 SyriaUntold moved its legal base to Germany and today it is registered as UntoldStories e.V, a recognized non-profit association in Berlin, a city has become a vital center for Syrian communities to rethink their future.



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