Hamid Sulaiman

14 July 2013

Hamid Sulaiman is a Syrian painter and artist from the Damascus suburb of Zabadani - an area that is known for its nonviolent, civil participation in the Syrian revolution, and for the distinct banners raised by activists at demonstrations.

Sulaiman, born in 1986, describes himself as an Anarchist and an atheist. He graduated from Damascus University with a degree in architecture in 2011, and is currently living in Paris. He followed his passion for painting until he mastered it, and has devoted everything he can to the revolution.

Sulaiman’s art delivers clear messages that combine emotions and ideas. He believes his work is most relevant to the people he belongs to, and that his art portrays a bias toward the suffering of poor people like himself.

The first painting Sulaiman created during the revolution was titled “We Will Build It,” featuring Daraa’s Omari Mosque and strokes of different shades of blue symbolizing protesters.

Sulaiman has participated in numerous art galleries in European cities such as London, Paris, Berlin and Vienna. He has donated all proceeds from selling his artwork to the revolution, and to artists in particular.

Sulaiman not only paints, he also draws comics, and has worked with a number of Arab and foreign newspapers to publish his work. And aside from his artwork, Sulaiman has also volunteered with Father Paolo Dall'Oglio at the Monastery of Saint Moses the Abyssinian, more commonly known as Deir Mar Musa.

In June 2011, regime forces arrested Sulaiman for his participation in many protests, and released him a week later. Later, he was called on to report for military duty, so he escaped Syria illegally through Jordan.

Syria Untold spoke with Sulaiman, and asked him what his favorite revolutionary painting is. He replied, “‘Love and Revolution’ is my favorite painting. I drew my two friends, who loved each other, but did not admit it until one of them was detained and then released. They are now engaged.”

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