Sweida Students´ Coordination Committee

21 July 2013

In order to highlight the role of college students, and their fundamental contribution to the Syrian uprising, the Sweida Students´ coordination committee was established in late 2011.

The committee has organized a large number of activities, including spraying graffiti and distributing leaflets in various campaigns in coordination with other groups.

"Our activity is not limited to students,” one of the activists said to Syria Untold. “We work in coordination with several Sweida groups.”

There are many obstacles hindering their work, mainly related to “the city’s shortage of actual participants in the revolutionary activities, the dispersal of the opposition in Sweida, and the presence of security agents that arrest anyone suspected to be working against the regime,” the activist said.

“Despite the fear, our motivation keeps us cheerful and hopeful,” he assures. “The most painful moment was when we found out that our friend Salah Sadeq was martyred. He worked wholeheartedly, and it really hurt to lose him.”

Activists take pride in the fact that their committee continues to work on Syrian territory, while many others have been forced to emigrate to other countries. “Our voice is as close to the street’s voice as possible,” they assure. “We do our best to convey the student’s wishes of a bright and promising future, when they reach the long-awaited freedom and democracy.”

Find out more on the Sweida Students´ Coordination Committee´s Facebook page.


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