We are all Youssef Abdelke

21 July 2013

On Friday night facebook, twitter and other social media sites were all talking about the arrest of Youssef Abdelke and his friends (Adnan Al-Dabbas and Tawfik Omran) while they were coming back from Tartous. Abdelke is a well known international artist who has worked on many different kinds of sculpturing and charcoal art pieces. Some of his art pieces where made into posters during the very early protests.




As the news spread, fans and friends started a campaign calling for freedom of Abdelke and his friends. 



Artists from different parts of the world joined the campgain by sending their art pieces as Abdelke is an international famous artist. 




On the other hand, the arrest of the a great artist like Abdelke shows that the Syrian regime lies when claims that they are fighting extremists only. The Syrian regime is fighting freedom fighters regardless if whom they are and what they do. 






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Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad