Nabd (Pulse)

30 July 2013

Within the context of civil society building and peaceful resistance, a group of Syrian activists formed a group called Nabd (Pulse) in an attempt to strengthen Syria´s unity. Based on the principles of pluralism, democracy and citizenship, they aim to work on a civil state after decades of totalitarianism.

Nabd aims to:

1 - Fight all forms of violence and repression, verbal or physical.

2 - Fight all forms of discrimination and division, religious, sectarian, tribal, national, territorial, or sexual.

3 - Reinforce the diversity of the civil state.

4 - Work to unify the Syrian society in front of all fragmentation attempts.

5-  Stay unbiased and respectful of all ideologies.

6 - Ensure civil and peaceful coexistence between different society members, with a heavy presence of youth groups.

The group emphasizes the unity of the Syrian society, while it highlights the importance of liberating it from all forms of dependency (economic, cultural, social), including liberation of the Golan Heights (the occupied areas of the Syrian territory).


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Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad