Sarmada Coordination Committee

30 July 2013

The Sarmada Coordination Committee was formed by a group of young activists in northern Syria. They focus on providing media coverage for the revolution in the area of Idlib and more specifically in the town of Sarmada. They provide media support for the Free Syrian Army brigades in the region, and insist on avoiding any exclusive or sectarian language.

The committee is known for campaigns such as the "Hand in hand to make Sarmada cleaner". They have also produced documentaries focused on the situation in northern Idlib in general, and the town of Sarmada in particular.

Their goals, as published on their Facebook page, are:

  • To overthrow the Syrian regime and to bring its members to trial
  • To overcome sectarian ideas and affiliations
  • To introduce amends to the Constitution and put an end to the security agencies control on Syrian citizens
  • To protect freedom of demonstration, assembly and peaceful dialogue
  • To stand in solidarity with Syrian activists and rebels and demand the release of all prisoners of consicence
  • To enforce political pluralism and abolish the one-party ruling
  • To grant protection to refugees and immigrants from persecution - unless they have been involved in war crimes against humanity
  • To enforce separation between legislative, executive and judicial powers, in addition to adding the authority of media as the fourth power
  • To fight against all forms of corruption, bribery and nepotism.
  • To achieve equality among all members of the Syrian society
  • To put an end to the economic monopoly of services such as mobile communications
  • To guarantee citizenship rights and include them in school curricula
  • To end the idolization of individuals
  • To support resistance to tyranny

Find out more about the Sarmada Coordination Committee on their Youtube channel and Facebook page.


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