Kite magazine

03 August 2013

Kite magazine was created after a group of young Syrian girls met with a team of specialists in psychosocial support and child protection. They started their work In Daraya, the city of Ghiath Matar and Yahya Shurbaji to deal with the needs of children, who have greatly suffered the consequences of the conflict. They publish on a monthly basis.

In March 2012, the first issue of Kite magazine was published, and children were the target audience. The magazine is self-funded by the team, which works on a voluntary basis. It also counts on some support from the Syrian Peaceful Mobilization group to print copies in Damascus.

As one of the magazine’s founders said to Syria Untold, the group started working without much previous experience, but has counted on the help of more professional groups such as Grape, working under their supervision, and learning from their own mistakes.

The most challenging part of their work has been printing and distributing the magazines. Despite the difficulties, the group has managed to distribute its work all over the country, including areas under regime control.

Find more about Kite on their website.



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