Speak up for Syrian Children


One of the major crises in Syria today is the situation of the Syrian children growing up in such a war zone. No matter where they are in Syria or how they are surviving, all of the Syrian children need immediate help of some kind. Some were killed, some others are injured, some more are out of school, refugees are also missing a lot and are living in bad conditions. #Speakup4SyrianChildren is a facebook page that started to ask the people around the world to support the Syrian children.


People mostly shared pictures of Syrian children who were killed by the Assad regime during the revolution ever since it started in 2011.


However, the main goal was to focus on sharing more stories of every kind of children in Syria.





Emotionally injured: 



and even on those who are still fighting for happiness at different refugee camps:



Many children around the world supported by holding a poster with "Speak Up for Syrian Children" written on it.



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