The dream of a summer night

Nothing but a dream in one of those short summer nights. Abdulwahab Mulla comes back again with another creative idea to responde to dream-stealers. This time he sings with very basic early-on songs and ideas that were raised during the revolution. He wears regular close that reandom people wear and sings in his Aleppo accent. He makes fun of how basic and pure our dreams are. We dont want to kill each others or get involved in any civil war as much as we are seeking freedom and dignity. A country with so much more than just one family ruling, a place were we accpet each others even when we are different and have different values. 

Al-Mulla says to Syria Untold that him and his group originally wanted to sing something where they could "bake the impossible in a nice way". The group is formed by 3 people, Mulla, Abu Jahel (fake name), and Hakim (fake name). The Mulla is the only one that uses his real name, the other two friends use fake names to protect their identity and families from the Assad forces. 

The three young Syrians wrote down the song and the lyrics. Al-Mulla sang and the other two friends took care or the lyrics and the music. When asked about the timing, the Mulla said, "we come up with ideas to sing about from the street and events that takes place. We sing during protests, weddings, we sing in the car or at home. We dont publish everything because we are not singing to be famous, we carry messages." He then contunie, "we sometimes sing to the stones for it to cry and wash the blood."


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Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad