The camp is the origin of the Story

Al-Yarmouk camp is a Palestinian refugee camp around the suburbs of Damascus in Syria. People in the camp came to Syria as refugees and have lived there their enter life afterward. Nothing separate them from the Syrians living in Syria, not the pain, not the hunger and not the strength they have in keep fighting for life. 

This video is made by a group of Palestinians who live in the camp of Yarmouk, they try to talk to the world through focusing on one aspect: "The camp is the origin of the Story", the title that comes from the heart of those who still live in the camp and fight fear and hunger as they point both of their fingers up with the peace sign emphasizing dignity. One child said, "We are Palestinian, we are not afraid". 

That said, the Assad regime has been very aggressive with the Palestinians, as much as it is with Syrians. The regime shelled the camp more than once. Today, the camp is under a very streaked siege; a child dead from hunger inside the camp today because there is not enough food and the Assad troops had closed every route of food into the camp. 


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Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad