"Naél Traboulsi" got talent.

Naél is a 9 years old child from the city of Homs, both his piano and his house were hit by shelling and he, like many other Syrians, lost everything he had before. However, he never gave up. He practiced on musical keyboards after him and his family moved out of Syria. He doesnt like the keyboard and he always expresses how much he misses hid piano. 

Naél applied at Arabs Got Talent and he played a very nice piece before he accepted a challenge of telling one of the juries the musical note they hit on the keyboard even when he is not looking. His music was mind blowing!! He sometimes writes music but only when he has his piano.


Naél today represents Syria and Syrians, he is the dream of the next generation, he is the children who lost everything and yet never gave up, he is the pain that the Syrians go through , and he is the relief that they have when they keep following their dreams until it comes true. Naél proved to the world that the Syrians are way more beautiful than what the war had made them become, they are way more creative and talented. 

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Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad