Memories of the barrier.

Tammer Al-Awam is a film maker who died in Aleppo last year, he was working on this film when he died after getting hit by shelling. This short film focuses on trying to show how the Syrian revolution evolved. Its about 24 minutes that takes the viewer from the beginning of early protests that people organized, all the way into the making of home made weapons that the Free Syrian army uses.  
The film highlights stories that were not heard before about how the snipers of Assed site down to have fun sniping people, and children. It shows the older mother sitting down crying as the brother sings to his dead brother. Young men who took responsibilities of many things all at once. She cries her dead son and remembers the two who are not dead but barred under the ground of Assed's prisons.  
The film then goes into the stage of when people decided to arm themselves to stop the death in the city. How they started making home made weapons to fight back.  

This work is under a Creative Commons license. Attribution: Non commercial - ShareAlike 4.0. International license

Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad