The Syrian Nelson Mandela

09 December 2013

Mandela died on Thursday December 6th. Many Syrians were upset at losing such a great person. Others, however, didn't feel much of sadness because they are so used to the beloved ones and friends dying that it doesn't matter much anymore. Nevertheless, many Syrians tried to highlight names of Syrians who were followers of Mandela's ideology and thinking.

"I dont think there is a country in this world that had Mandelas that filled the sky and earth, as much as Syria does"


"In Syira, there is more than 150 Mandela, and more to come" 


"To those who claim a romantic revolution is the one with no weapons, even Mandela had his weapon raised at a period in his life. His weapons aimed to bring justice" 


"I wonder how many Mandelas we have in Syria" 


"I wonder what would have happened if Mandela was Syrian under the Assad regime. Hafiz Al-Assad would have probably had him killed in prisons in the best case scenario" 



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Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad