Revolutionary Syrian Youth

13 December 2013

The Revolutionary Syrian Youth is a group of young Syrians who have been active in the civil movement since the early days of the prising, fighting against the regime and its brutality through demonstrations, peaceful campaigns, graffiti and other forms of protest.

The idea for the group came in late 2011 when several political groups began to emerge. The activists behind it launched the "Revolutionary Syrian Youth" on May 1, 2012. It's main objectives were to emphasize the youthful nature of the uprising, and to voice the demands that had been ignored by other groups. A founding member of the group articulates the group's defining ideas about the revolution: "This is not only a revolution for freedom, but it also has a socioeconomic dimension. It's a revolution of impoverished people against a corrupt regime."

Despite the militarization of the uprising, the civil assembly is still active in most Syrian provinces, with a particular focus on Damascus and Homs. Despite the fact that the world's emphasis seems to be on the militarized faction of the revolution, the group still believes in the effectiveness of civil disobedience. A member of the assembly explains this belief: "It's true that the military component is more prominent. Nevertheless, peaceful activism comes as a complement, because military work will cease to be beneficial at some point, and it's civil activism that will continue the struggle to achieve all the demands of the Syrian uprising."

The assembly defines its objectives as the "complete separation of the legislative, executive and judicial authorities, establishing a civil state, returning the occupied Golan Heights, and defending the rights of the Palestinian people."

Revolutionary Syrian Youth in a demonstration in Homs. Source: The group's Facebook pgae.
Revolutionary Syrian Youth in a demonstration in Homs. Source: The group's Facebook pgae.
The Revolutionary Syrian Youth has a set of economic and social objectives as well, aspiring for a country that protects the freedom and integrity of all its citizens. They emphasise the importance of developing the agricultural and industrial sections of the economy to meet the needs of Syrians, and to give expatriates a chance to invest back in their own country. The assembly also stresses on the importance of enhancing the role of universities and schools, in addition to introducing new, modern means of education.

The assembly refuses to accept funding from any party that imposes its agenda in exchange. It is self-financed, relying on the donations of its members and founders. This principled stance has left the movement vulnerable financially, and in a need of even the most basic tools for their work, like a stable internet connection.

The Revolutionary Syrian Youth holds a national project with a clear political vision. It believes that freedom has a price, which prompts it to dig deep in the Syrian society and expand its work, when everyone else is fleeing the country. The movement aims to prove that there is room for anyone who truly wants to make a difference, as long as he doesn't submit to despair.


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