20 January 2014

Dubarah is a Syrian service community, that works to support Syrian wherever they are and find appropriate solutions to their situation. The idea for the network came as many Syrians were forced to leave their country. The group attempts blend Syrian newcomers with their new communities through the help of other members. Dubarah never stops coming up with fresh innovative ideas to help Syrian immigrants to find jobs, homes and anything else they need to know about the country they are currently living in.

Dubarah in its earliest beginnings had launched awareness campaigns addressing all Syrian investors around the world, asking them to help Syrians make a living by "employing at least one Syrian" in their companies. The idea was that a job can save not only one person, but a whole family.

Up until now, the group has launched multiple campaigns and activities. "Investment Portal" for example is a project that aims to save Syrian capital. "Employment Portal" project, contains contributions by Syrians to hire other Syrians within their companies.

One of the group's activists spoke to Syria Untold about their latest campaign "Thanks for hosting us in your country": "The idea of the campaign is to distribute pamphlets on the streets to random people, thanking them for welcoming Syrians in their country, with a short text explaining the abundant presence of Syrians there and urging citizens to help Syrians. The campaign has targeted countries hosting Syrian refugees like Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan. Soon, we will target countries that Syrians sought asylum in, like Sweden, Italy and Germany."

The activists of Dubarah aspire to transform the idea of supporting Syrians around the globe, to supporting communities, "we believe in human beings and their rights. There are many creators and activists on the face of the earth who only need a chance. Now, within the concept of Dubarah, this opportunity can be presented easily to anyone, because we seek to frame the talents, expertise and capabilities of Syrians abroad."


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Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad