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08 February 2014

We came out for freedom” is a bi-monthly newspaper, issued by the Local Coordination Committees LCC in Syria; it is printed and distributed within the Syrian borders and in exile as well.


With its Unconventional linguistics and ideas, the newspaper aspires to be a bold journalistic role model, by speaking to a young audience, a generation of Syrians that discovered its voice with the outbreak of the uprising.


The journal was founded in early 2012 and their first publication was issued in February 26, 2012, out of a dire need for a rational, civil speech addressing Syrians at home and abroad, a speech heard by all Syrians, from ordinary people to activists and even FSA fighters.


The concerted efforts of writers, journalists and activists were presented in the newspaper after taking its current shape, with collaborations with several coordination committees to secure the basic structure for printing the newspaper in every town and city in Syria.


Lately, after the expansion of liberated areas, the journalists of “We Came Out for Freedom” were able to utilize professional printers, exceeding the split between Islamists and civilians and keep their newspaper readable by all Syrians.

The newspaper's publications. Source: LCC's Facebook page
The newspaper's publications. Source: LCC's Facebook page

A journalist working for the newspaper explained to Syria Untold the hardships they went through “We used to print our journal while listening to the music of air raids. It was a beautiful challenge, life versus death, words against bullets, the future against the past of oppression and tyranny.”


The newspaper is still fighting and being published in these hard times, despite the team’s financial hardships, they are determined to play their role in stitching the rift between Syrians and be a part of the social-building process, to achieve the uprising’s main goals: Freedom, dignity and social justice.


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