The Syrian People Know Their Way

17 March 2014

The Syrian People Know their Way” is a Facebook page and blog, founded by a group of civil activists, shortly after the outbreak of the Egyptian and Tunisian uprisings. The group's main objective was start a discussion on the current situation in Syria and the impact of the “Arab Spring” on the fate of the country.

Since its early beginnings, the group believed that the time for silence is over and that the frenzy of freedom that spread like wildfire in the Arab World can mean only one thing: despite their differences, the suffering of the Arab countries is one.

In a brief description of their principles and goals, the group explains “They said Egypt is not Tunisia, that a civil war will rage in the country. They said Libya is not Tunisia or Egypt, that Libya will descend into a sectarian strife. They also said Syria is not Tunisia nor Egypt, nor Yemen nor Bahrain... But reality has shown that all Arab countries are more alike than we think.”

What gives the group its distinctive value nowadays, is not only in its artistic, cultural content, nor in the history of the group's activism, but rather in the principles the team still adheres to. The group was able to overcome all the challenges and radical changes in the course of the uprising, and maintain a civil approach and a national discourse addressing all Syrians and rejecting all forms of violence and discrimination.

The group's Facebook page and blog work simultaneously to promote social change and peaceful resistance, by publishing articles that relate to the issues of freedom, civil society, women rights, the occupied Golan Heights, Palestinian and Kurdish issues, as well as articles on nonviolent revolutions that were able to bring about the fall of tyrnnical regimes, like the ones in El Salvador and Guatemala.

The group took part in many campaigns and activities carried out by civil groups, including “Strike of Pride”, “Strike of Dignity”, “We are the Moral Alternative” among others. Their main aim is to join efforts with other bodies that have the same vision, to spread awareness within the Syrian community.


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Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad