Omar Fahd

21 March 2014

Born in Damascus 1982, Omar Fahd is an abstract artist who graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, department of sculpture in 2007.

Needless to say, the wind of change in Syria has shaken the artist, reshaping his art from realism to abstractionism, and creating an endless source of inspiration. However, the open space an artist needs to turn this inspiration into a piece of art, was demolished by the tight security grip in Syria, which forced Fahd to flee the country in 2012, and hid to Dubai, where he can practices his art freely.

The distance separating the artist from his birthplace, and the nostalgia he felt were the source of his next revelation, a collection of artworks that manifests his longing, titled “Damascus: The Way Back”.

Omar, who supported the uprising since its early beginnings, stood firmly against its militarization. This rejection was reflected in his second collection “Weapons”, that stem from his frustration at the “ease” armed groups have shown in shooting at and killing civilians. Simultaneously, he was working on a new collection inspired by the protests that took place in Syria, titled “Demonstrations”.

Angels of Refugee Camps, by Omar Fahd. Source: The artist's Facebook page.
Angels of Refugee Camps, by Omar Fahd. Source: The artist's Facebook page.

After winning a contest that was held in Paris, one of the artist's digital paintings will be printed on cards, and sold in France and Canada, in a fund-raising campaign for Syrian children in refugee camps. The painting was part of a collection of artworks titled “Angels of Refugee Camps”, earmarking the tragic situation of Syrian children.

In all of his recent works, Omar Fahd uses figurative elements and gloomy colors of red and gray to explicitly explain the scene in Syria, he also switched from using a painting brush to digital art, which he considers as “artistic maturity”.


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