Revolution Youth of Aleppo

23 April 2014

The Revolution Youth of Aleppo is a coalition of anti-regime activists and groups operating in Aleppo, that was established in October 29, 2011. The assembly began its revolutionary work early in the uprising. By organizing demonstrations, sit-ins and campaigns, the group established itself as a leading force in the civil movement in Aleppo. Shortly after, the assembly joined the General Council for the Leadership of the Revolution in Aleppo, which consisted of the four major revolutionary groups active in the city.

In late 2012, the Free Syria Army (FSA) began its military campaign in Aleppo, gaining control over numerous neighborhoods. The General Council thus took part in securing the basic needs of those living in opposition-controlled areas. Nevertheless, this collaboration with military groups didn't stop the assembly from saying "Enough is Enough", in protest against the violations committed by extremist military forces.

Over the course of 3 years, the assembly participated in countless civic activities, including: demonstrations and sit-ins in front of the Department of Criminal Security in Aleppo, the Strike of Dignity, the Strike of the Aleppo and Damascus (Strike of the Two Capitals), as well as activities in honor of the Civil Defense Brigade in Aleppo, among many others.

On a larger scale, the assembly aims at "building a strong civil community, and a country where all Syrians are equal, and every individual is respected under the law." One of the activists says to SyriaUntold. Activists of the assembly take pride in their independent voice, and refuse to associate themselves with any political groupings. "We were offered ridiculous amounts of money, in exchange of changing our name to something more Islamic," the activists reflect, "but our answer was absolute rejection. The same goes for any other sort of conditional funding."

Recently, the assembly has cooperated with an organization by Syrians living in Germany, to support the uprising through a project called "Adopt a Revolution".


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