8rbtna FM

16 May 2014

Radio 8rbtna (Our expatriation in Arabic) was born to provide assistance to the millions of Syrian who have fled Syria in the past 3 years. Driven by the urge to help their compatriots, the group of 25 young men and women founded the radio in April 10, 2014.

The main goal of the radio is to notify expatriates with relevant news. “We aim to help Syrians feel less alienated and estranged, by informing them the latest news and job opportunities in their country of expatriation.” As one of the radio’s member said to SyriaUntold.

8rbtna focuses on the educational status in each country, in particular. The team translates education-related resolutions into Arabic, regularly shares scholarship offers for international students and guides Syrian expatriates through the application. Additionally, the radio airs special segments, to answer to people’s questions on obtaining residency, renewing their passport, and so on.

Members of 8rbtna FM. Source: Radio 8rbtna's Facebook page.
Members of 8rbtna FM. Source: Radio 8rbtna's Facebook page.

The radio however, provides much more than everyday general information. The team dives in to the smallest of details, to give expatriates a thorough analysis of the difficulties they face and how to overcome them. The team has gone as far as to make a list of airports that deal with Syrians aggressively, especially regarding illegal immigration.

The radio is sustained by individual donations from its own members, which reserves the integrity and independence of the project.


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