al-Nabaa Magazine

03 July 2014

With structured disinformation and systematic targeting of anti-regime journalists, Assad and his media outlets were able to tell a distorted version of the uprising. In light of this continuing deception, Syrian activists with no prior expertise in the field of journalism, have taken it upon themselves to portray the true story, through an array of media projects.

“al-Nabaa” Magazine was founded by a group of Syrian activists, to shed light on the civil movement in Syria. It is published and distributed in opposition-held areas in Aleppo and Idlib.

The work team does not include reports or breaking news in their magazine. Instead, they provide a more positive approach, by focusing on the peaceful, creative resistance of the revolution.

While the magazine does not directly deal with military aspects in its topics, the articles are very critical of the behavior of non-state armed groups. “This is done in an objective, often cynical matter, to remind these groups that Syrians are no longer tolerant to injustice.” As one of the co-founders says to SyriaUntold.

The staff of “al-Nabaa” openly discussed their funding status, and long contacts with political parties for financial support. The magazine also contacted “Smart”, an organization that supports independent media projects in Syria. Alas, “al-Nabaa” could not secure any funding and continues to operate solely on  contributions from its own members.

The project has a long way to go, the founders say. However, the efforts they are putting to improve their project, will not change the message and values they advocate: love, co-existence and accepting differences.


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Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad