Syrian Women Weave the Biggest Revolutionary Flag in Protest Against All Terror

02 October 2014


A group of women from Kafranbel, Idlib, have woven the biggest Syrian revolution flag to send a powerful message to the world: “Terror can only be tackled by addressing its roots”.

The initiative was led by the Center of Mazaya, which was founded in June 2013 to train dozens of women in workshops ranging from literacy to first aid, sewing, languages and computer skills. The trainings aim to empower women in the context of the increasing threats posed by extremists groups.

Kafranbel, known for its Syrian resilience and dignity in the face of oppression, has suffered constant attacks and siege by the Syrian army. The town’s fierce resistance and its recount of the events taking place in the country through powerful banners and cartoons has turned it into a symbol and dubbed it “the conscience of the revolution.” However, the town is slowly suffocating under numerous attempts by fundamentalist and tyrannical forces to control it, especially alienating women.

“This flag we have woven is our attempt to send a symbolic message to both the regime and Daesh, which are the same thing after all”, one of the founders of the initiative said to SyriaUntold. “But we are also sending a message to our fellow revolutionary men, to remind them of how much women have sacrificed in the struggle for a civil state where men and women have equal rights.”

According to the activist, the initiative is also an attempt to reassert the revolutionary flag as a symbol, in the face of the black flags of groups like Daesh. “A symbol of what we demanded in 2011, and what we still demand today.”

In the context of the bombings of the Coalition led by the United States, these women have raised their voices to oppose a military escalation that does not target the root of Syria’s problems. Without fighting the regime, they remind us, extremism will continue to spread throughout the country.

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Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad