Angels of Syria

13 January 2015

Over the course of the Syrian uprising, 12,490 children paid the ultimate price: their lives. They are forgotten, except in the conscience of a few artists who decided to immortalise them.

Husam al-Saadi, Husam Alloum, Abduljaleel al-Shakaky and calligrapher Ahmad, are the artists behind the painting “Angels of Syria”. “We wanted it as a scream to stop the murder of children,” they declared.

A part of the painting.
A part of the painting.

The painting, measuring 21.50x21 meters is an attempt to “restore the peaceful and cultural face of the uprising, and to remind the international community that our revolt is for a more humane Syria.” It took the team more than 40 days to finish the work, and they hope to display it in the European Parliament in Brussels.


This work is under a Creative Commons license. Attribution: Non commercial - ShareAlike 4.0. International license

Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad