Revolution Supporters Assembly

13 February 2015

Homs Coordination Committee, a body of sub-committees comprising of neighborhoods and cities in the governorate of Homs, defected from the Local Coordination Committees in May 2013, to form the Revolution Supporters Assembly.

Established by young activists who were among the pioneers to join the protest movement in Syria, the assembly is “a revolutionary, civil gathering, which takes responsibility for revolutionary work on ground, and civil activities,” as described by its members. The assembly abides by the principles of the uprising and does not abdicate people's right to end tyranny and oppression.

“Democracy is the means by which the Syrian people can accomplish their political and social aspirations,” articulates Malek al-Khawli, one of the assembly's members, “Which is why all forms of civil resistance ought to be employed to overthrow the regime with all its symbols and pillars, and eradicate tyranny from the structure of our society.

Activists have launched numerous civil initiative characterized as service and education projects. Consequently, the assembly has under its umbrella a civil defense brigade established in the Waar neighborhood of Homs, Ajyal educational institute in the countryside of Aleppo and a camp for the displaced in the countryside of Homs.

Their latest project, an institute for the training of teachers, was launched in Aleppo's countryside on January 30, 2015. This novel idea, once realized, will be the first of its kind. Activists explain the project will “give young people the opportunity to complete their college education, after the circumstances in their country have prevented them from doing so.”

لوغو تجمع أنصار الثورة. المصدر: الصفحة الرسمية للتجمع على الفيسبوك

In light of the ongoing military conflict, the assembly focuses on activities that help alleviate the suffering of civilians in opposition-held areas. The activists mobilize solely to help civilians and do not cooperate with any armed factions, despite believing in the legitimacy of fighting the regime by all means.

Nevertheless, the current situation however demanding, does not dissuade activists from their initial goal: building a state dominated by a culture of citizenship, where freedom and human rights are respected. The activists demonstrated these beliefs in their newest campaign Our Revolution in Colors, launched in the city of Atareb, Aleppo.

The Revolution Supporters Assembly suffers today from lack of funding and relies on contributions from Syrian expatriates. Yet, this is one among many challenges facing the group. The assembly has been targeted many times over the past year and a half. In October 2014, armed robbers stormed the assembly's office in Sayf al-Dawla neighborhood in Aleppo, stealing its equipment and threatening its activists. Also in July 2014, a barrel bomb targeted the assembly's office in the countryside of Latakia, destroying it entirely.

These young activists realize, today more than ever, that they still have a long and tricky road ahead of them, but they believe nonetheless, that the dream of a country for all Syrians is worth the while.


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