Sawa Youth Coalition

20 February 2015

On April 23, 2011 and after a long series of debates and meetings between youth groups, the coalition of Sawa , which translates to “Together” was established, as a voluntary independent civil group, aspiring to abolish the dictator regime in Syria and reframe the constitution to line with the national, religious and ethnic diversity in Syria, thus  preserving the individual and fundemental rights of these groups.

Sawa considers itself a part of the civil democratic movement, working side by side with all youth groups in the Syrian arena in general and the Kurdish in particular, in order to build a civil stated ruled by law, through peaceful demonstrations and protests, these groups include “Waves civil organization, Ara news, Local Coordination Committees and the Syrian National Council”.
One of the group's members, activist “Walat Ihmeh” says to Syria Untold “We're working on reviving civil activities and training workshops, in addition to awareness campaign which promote co-existence and reduce sectarian strifes.”

Peace Marathon in Qamishlo. Source: Sawa coalition Facebook page
Peace Marathon in Qamishlo. Source: Sawa coalition Facebook page

Among the most important events and campaigns launched by the group are “With every bullet we plant a tree campaign, The first spring festival, Peace marathon, art exhibitions, Document campaign and many others” which are launched and organized based on “the situation the city is living in and other events that promote tolerance, equality and non-violence.” says the activist.

The coalition's activists believe that they will carry on with their mission, even after the fall of the Syrian regime, because “the large collapse of infrastructure, brain drain and thousands of victims and displaced Syrians are huge problems that are difficult to solve in short notice.”
The activists of Sawa throughout their two years of work, have refused to subside to any agendas dictated to them by funders, in addition to strictly relying on self-financing their project, which led them to choose low-budget events that they can afford, but still highly effective in terms of goals and content.
The activists of Sawa are working hand in hand for a better Syria, one that can accomodate for all, a Syria for all Syrians.


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