Syrian Researchers

12 March 2015

In light of the raging conflict in Syria, when everyone is playing the dirty game of politics, either fighting or excluding one another, a group of Syrian youth took an opposite direction.

In late 2012, doctor Muhannad Malek founded a Facebook page entitle “Syrian Researchers”, in order to put science and scientific discoveries in the palm of people’s hands, and awaken awareness in Arab societies in particular.

The page work is divided into two main areas:

• translating old and new scientific studies and research, with the belief that translation is an essential part of enlightening our societies.

• creating new intellectual and scientific studies, by the team of Syrian Researchers, which is composed of creators, college graduates and post-graduates, in addition to researchers in various fields of science.

صورة غلاف الصفحة الرسمية لمجموعة الباحثون السوريون تظهر تصنيف الأبحاث التي يعملون عليها

Thus through creating opportunities for young Syrian researchers and publishing their research on the page, Syrian Researchers was able to motivate the Arab community in general, and the Syrian in particular to take interest in science, utilizing it as a tool to fight against ignorance and backwardness.

As for the group’s objectives, they include creating an association that contributes to sending Syrians to high rated universities on its expenses, and creating an Arabic-speaking scientific channel, to name a few.

With a staff of 150 volunteers, the group is spread all over the world, from Japan to the United States, it’s a little hard to hold meetings, or work on the ground for all that matter, so until then they remain within the virtual universe’s borders, where they turned their Facebook page into a bridge that connects all Syrians, and binds them together.


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