Abdulwahab Mulla: Our Head Coach Sucks

This video is a comedy sketch from a satire show called "This is the Whole Story" by Abdulwahab Mulla, an anti-regime activist from Aleppo. Mulla led mass demonstrations in Aleppo and criticized both the government and armed opposition.
After heavily critiquing the Free Syrian Army in his second show "Three-starred Revolution", the activist was abducted from his house in rebel-held areas in November 2013. In his last episode, Mulla talks about theft and torture carried out by the armed opposition, and accuses them of deliberately sabotaging the Syrian uprising.
Until this day, no one has any information on his well being or whereabouts. The identity of the kidnappers also remain unknown.

joint_logoThis video is taken from the Syrian Voices YouTube channel, a collaboration between SyriaUntold and the Syria Campaign.

This work is under a Creative Commons license. Attribution: Non commercial - ShareAlike 4.0. International license

Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad