Assad's Speech by the Chinese Revolution

In the first few months of the uprising, anti-regime activists created a Facebook page called the "Chinese Revolution", to mock the Syrian regime with a twist. The Facebook page described every anti-government action in Syria as if it had taken place in China. Damascus is Beijing, and Bashar al-Assad of Syria is Hu Jintao, president of China.
Three months into the protest wave, president Assad gave his third speech at Damascus University, where he said "The conspiracies that target our country are like germs, they are proliferating everywhere."
Hours later, the administrator of the Chinese Revolution page "Songa", whose voice resembles that of Assad, recreated the video in his own style, deriding the head of state and his speech.

joint_logoThis video is taken from the Syrian Voices YouTube channel, a collaboration between SyriaUntold and the Syria Campaign.

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Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad