Khotwa News Agency

21 April 2015

In late 2013, activists based inside and outside Syria founded the Khotwa (Step) News Agency to "bring the world's attention to the suffering of the Syrian people," as they say in an interview with SyriaUntold.

Via its website and Facebook page, the alternative media outlet focuses on the Syrian event, from political news to everyday issues. Khotwa has a network of 40 correspondents based inside Syria and in neighboring countries like Turkey.

In addition to working in rebel-held areas, Khotwa's activists are secretly active in areas under regime and ISIS control, which they report is very challenging.

Activists also face difficulties reporting news because of the constant internet and power cuts. To tackle this issue, Khotwa provided its Syrian-based correspondents with power generators and Satellite Internet access.

When the project first commenced in 2013, the project was not financially supported. Today however, the project sells articles to international newspapers and channels, and it receives contributions and donations from organizations and individuals around the world.

The team of Khotwa hope that their efforts have helped pave the way for a country of freedom, equality and dignity; and that their experience could "create a free media outlet, after decades of restrictions and suppression of the freedom of press in Syria."


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