Bridge Magazine

03 May 2015

The space of freedom, that’s been extended after the outbreak of the Syrian uprising, encouraged several groups, and activists to launch a magazine or newspaper project, but the quantity of these magazines couldn’t form the fundamentals of a professional Syrian press in the future, able to have an influence on the public opinion. However, Bridge magazine is considered a true exception.

With its first issue that dates back to December 20, 2012, the magazine focuses on humanitarian, service, political, environmental, and day-to-day issues, relying on field work to look into the details of these issues, and to highlight the regional and international developments, from the perspective of its impact on the Syrian Event.


Abd al-Nasser al-Ayed, chief editor of Bridge, spoke to Syria Untold about the magazine’s policy: “the turbulent circumstances in the country, are fundamentally connected to the way the magazine works, thus it’s extremely difficult to develop a strict and permanent editing policy, but on the other hand we are committed to a set of rules that govern the magazine’s content, and a set of standards which we depend on to carefully choose the magazine’s reporters, such as, high commitment and discipline, field experience .. ”, whereas regarding the magazine’s general political orientation, Abd says to our website: “none of the staff poses any kind of ideological or political affiliation, we stand by the oppressed, prompting democracy, pluralism and human rights, and therefore we are biased, politically, by supporting the Syrian revolution against the regime, for it is anti-democracy, anti-freedom, we’re fighting to overthrow the regime because it is against everything we believe in”.

Bridge is printed and distributed in the northern territory of Syria, and it’s one of the few magazines that was able to surpass political biases, covering issues of the Syrian society as a whole, and delivering everyone’s point of views, Paying greater attention to the disadvantaged and marginalized groups in the media, in order to contribute in building the corner stone of a free press in the future.


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