Levels of Graves in Douma

01 March 2016

In the realm of the living, people are able to build their homes above ground in levels and floors. In death, the residents of Douma have had to create varying levels underground for their graves, as the graveyards and authorized burial areas can no longer accommodate the need, said a member of the Local Council of Douma to SyriaUntold.

These burial levels are reminiscent of what the regime continues to do with the bodies of those tortured to death in prison, who are thrown into mass graves. However, the residents of Douma have been forced to adopt similar measures. The citizens still, however, find a way to distinguish between those buried in the graves. The Violations Documentation Center in Syria has reported the number of deaths from Douma to be 6030, a number that the Local Council insists is much higher.

The Council, left with no choice, has had to implement a “level” burial system. While others suggested converting the agricultural land into graveyards, the Council rejected this motion as the agricultural land is needed to grow food in order to sustain the city.


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Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad