Revolutionary Profiles

03 August 2016

Revolutionary Profiles is not a Who’s Who glossary of fancy names you can find in Wikipedia. It is a mixture of informative profiling and personal accounts of certain activists who have been part of the 2011 revolution in Syria.

Some of them played a pivotal role in organizational structures, coining terms and setting agendas, initiating movements and institutionalizing work. Others were echoed in their own personal activism, setting a role model or proving possible what others had not yet braved. While some simply became milestones, they did something right at the right moment, and that carved their names permanently in Syria's collective revolutionary memory.

Today, some of these activists insist that they will go on as long as they are alive, others chose to withdraw at some point, while many, too many, were forcibly taken away from Syria for good.

This section attempts to familiarize a broader public with those figures who stood out for their tolerant and inclusive vision of Syria's future. Where have all the "moderate" people gone?

Published profiles

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