Weekly Media Digest December 20, 2019

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20 December 2019

(Painting by Syrian artist Abdullah Murad)

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Four pillars of Caesar Act determine scope of its impact (Enab Baladi)

Written by: Hiba Shehadeh 

“After waiting for four years, the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act will be referred for the first time to the US Congress Senate, to be soon approved, according to the estimations of the followers and supporters of this Act who called for it and promoted its importance, and despite the escalation of other voices doubting its usefulness and warning of its potential danger to the Syrian people.”

Syria faces winter crisis as bombs bring food, fuel and aid shortages (The Guardian)

Written by: Emma Graham-Harrison

“Civilians in opposition-held Syria face a cold, hungry start to the winter with an intensified bombing campaign forcing thousands to flee their homes while fuel shortages threaten medical care and push up prices of food and transport.”

Syrian Migration to the Amazon Rainforests (Raseef22)

Written by: Azzam Al Allaf

“Near the Amazon rainforests, specifically in the Brazilian city of Lençóis, a Syrian couple – Arwa and Aya – along with their child Ward, have decided to launch themselves in the arms of nature, escaping the urban lifestyle they previously lived in Syria, Dubai and Turkey.”

Where Doctors Are Criminals (The New York Times)

The Syrian government considers some health workers enemies of the state. We talked to four of them about why they risked their lives anyway.”

UN backtracks on Syria aid reshuffle (The New Humanitarian)

Written by: Ben Parker

The UN has paused plans for an overhaul of aid operations in Syria that critics said would have handed too much clout to President Bashar al-Assad. It will not abolish a senior position in Jordan, or transfer more decision-making to Damascus, despite signals earlier in the year.

Will Turkish lira save economy in Syria's opposition-held areas? (Al-Monitor)

Written by: Khaled al-Khateb 

“The Syrian pound's staggering loss in value has renewed talk of replacing the currency with the Turkish lira in the northern areas under control of the opposition's Free Syrian Army (FSA).”

Russia Seeks to Build Local Force in Northeast Syria (Voice of America)

Written by: Sirwan Kajjo

“Russia has been working to establish a new military force in the Kurdish-majority, northeastern part of Syria with the aim to deploy those troops and hardware to areas along the Syria-Turkey border, local sources told VOA.”


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