Activists: Revolutions die with the death of civil resistance

02 August 2013

The Local Coordination Committees in Syria have repeatedly insisted on the importance of remaining committed to the original goals of the revolution - freedom, justice and equality for Syrians of all backgrounds. To this end, they designated July 27 as a day to share messages stressing that “people should not deviate from the origins of the revolution, no matter how difficult and challenging it becomes.”

Activists in coordination committees across the country raised signs with messages directed at warlords who are benefiting from the current conflict at the expense of the Syrian people. They are no different from the corrupt regime, “and have sold the revolution for their personal gain,” the grassroots organization said in a statement.

“Warlords are the brokers of death, and they are dirtier than the regime,” said one sign raised at protests.

Activists in Abta, Inkhil, Tafas and Dael in Daraa, Masyaf and Salamia in Hama, Qadmus in Tartous, Duma, Zabadani and Madaya in the outskirts of Damascus, and Jabla in Banias unified their banners at protests that Friday.  

One message they sent was, “Revolutions die with the death of civil resistance. Those who forget how the revolution started will not know how it ends.” Another was, “What would the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria have done to Qashoush if they had gotten to him before the regime?” referring to Ibrahim Qashoush, an activist who led protests in the city of Hama. Security forces killed him and cut out his throat as a form of punishment, and as a warning to those who spoke out against the regime.

Other signs raised at protests last Friday said, “Our rebels are selling their souls for the sake of our country, while warlords are selling Syrian blood for their own gain,” and “Hold onto your remaining power to protest nonviolently.”

By unifying their messages, activists seek to show that they have not forgotten how the revolution began, condemn the actions of some people who claim to be revolutionaries yet behave similarly to the regime, and reject the warlords who are profiting with the loss of Syrian life.


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Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad