Alternative Songs

28 February 2014

Syria's children have been subjected to unspeakable suffering since the beginning of the conflict in the country. Today, the profound impact of being surrounded by death and violence has risen to the surface. Instead of playing hide and seek, a child screams “martyr”, his friends gather around a body playing dead and carry it in a silent funeral ceremony, imitating a habitual scene in Syria.

The Network of Guardians, a group that takes interest in Syrian children, attempted to address this serious issue by launching the “Alternative Songs” campaign. The campaign started with a contest asking poets and lyricists to participate in a featured artwork for children: writing meaningful, new children songs. “The contest has one condition,” one of the network's activists explains, “for the song to stimulate one of these values: science, love, peace, honesty, friendship, hope and optimism, success after hard work, equality, health and safety, freedom, cooperation, initiative, patience and tolerance." The campaign main aim is to erase the tragic memories of war in Syria's children, by reminding them pf the joy of childhood through songs and games.

The contest ended in January 30, 2014. To that date, the campaign's organizers received multiple participations, of which 14 winning songs were chosen. The winners will be available on Syria Untold once they are uploaded. The Network of Guardians contacted Syrian artist Wasfi Maasarani, who agreed to compose and sing these songs, with participation of a number of talented children.

Alternative Songs” campaign is here to confirm that Syrians' rigorous attempts to rid themselves of tyranny do not distract them from the side effects the confilct has left behind. It is a joint effort that offers helping hand to those most vulnerable to the destruction of Syria's tyrannical regime.


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Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad