Fair Trials Campaign

10 March 2015

The appalling persecution carried out by groups exercising de facto control over rebel-held areas are a stark indication of an uprising under assault from both sides. Recently, these self-proclaimed authorities have intensified their campaign of unlawful arrests and forced disappearance.

Alarmed by this escalating crackdown, The Day After Organization (TDA) launched a campaign titled Fair Trials, to establish general guidelines that illustrate the rights of detainees during war and civil strife.

The campaign published a 16-page field guide that presents principles on the right to a fair trial. It emphasizes that arbitrary detention is a violation of an individual’s right to freedom, and covers an array of subjects, including: the right to legal counsel, the right to appear before a judge without delay, guarantees during interrogation and freedom from torture and inhumane or degrading treatment. “The booklet is a guideline for judiciary workers and policemen working in areas outside regime control,” activists explained to SyriaUntold.

In addition to a graffiti campaign initiated inside Syria, TDA produced six radio spots that thoroughly explain the concept of fair trials and its function during conflicts. The episodes discussed the rights of detainees before and during trial, the right to plead self-defense, capital punishment and others.

“These instruction may seem surreal to extremist group,” highlights one of the activists, “which is why they cannot be part of our targeted audience.“ Nonetheless, Fair Trials campaign attempts to salience the issue of unlawful arrests, in the hope of motivating all parties to get involved and combat this phenomenon.

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Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad