Fingerprint Of A Fighter campaign

13 April 2015

The Local Coordination Committee launched a campaign entitled “The fingerprint of a fighter”, in order to highlight the civil movement in Syria and emphasize that it is the cornerstone of the uprising.

The campaign took place in a number of Syrian cities and towns in February 2013, and was divided into two kind of activities, which were “graffiti of revolutionary slogans that further deepens revolutionary ethics to build a democratic free Syria. The second was to remind ourselves of the great sacrifices made by martyrs and detainees, to honor their struggle on one hand and to demand freedom for the living ones behind bars on the other.” says of the campaign's activists.

Since the most painful sacrifices were made by some of the earliest cities to join the uprising, those cities had an outstanding presence in this campaign. In Banias, in which the earliest demonstrations took place, activists created an activity called “A fighter's biography”, where they pasted posters of civil activists like Anas al-Shaghri, Hamed Ourabi, Aham al-Zir, doctor Bassam Sahyuni and others. In addition, there were graffitis that read “Revolution is a principle and principles aren't debatable” and “My opinion, no matter how sure, is incomplete without yours”

Daraa, the city that was the cradle of the uprising, also had a contribution to this campaign in many towns, especially in the town of Taseel, where similar posters of the city's activists were distributed, in addition to ones that read “No to I, Yes to us”, “You have to change youself before changing anything” and “before asking me when will the revolution succeed? Ask yourself what have I contributed to it?”

Other cities including Hamuriyah and Daria, which was the birthplace of many renowned civil activists like martyr Ghiath Matar and detainee Yehia Sharbaji.

Fingerprint Of A Fighter campaign is launched after the uprising hits its third year, to assert that the Syrian civil movement is and will always be present, little unheard by the sound of heavy weaponry and tanks, but alive.


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Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad