Free Will Behind Bars

28 May 2013

Free Will Behind Bars is a group of young people seeking to shed light on the suffering of prisoners and detainees inside regime detention centers throughout Syria. The group focuses on the conditions of detainees and methods of detention, and also documents crimes committed against prisoners. They document information about the perpetrators of crimes committed against detainees, so that they can be put on trial in the future.

The group aims to keep tabs on the situation of the detainees and their families. Special attention is given to university students detained and then released, in order to help them get back to their normal lives, and complete their education. The group also documents the names of officers and security members who tortured the detainees.

The activities of the group as part of the uprising:

  1. Documenting the crimes committed by the regime against detainees

  2. Documenting the names of detainees and the conditions of their detention

  3. Providing moral support to the detainees and material support to their families

  4. Documenting the names and current state of detainees released by the regime

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Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad