Help Me Study

17 November 2013

“One of the mothers told us that she doesn't intend to send her children to school, because she can't afford it.” This woman's suffering was more than enough to prompt the team of Sham Development project, to come up with an idea of a campaign called Help me study, in order to “help children continue their education. Because, despite the circumstances, children are entitled to have a decent education,” as one of the activists recounted to Syria Untold.

The work team started with determining the objectives, targeted audience and organizational structure of the campaign. They then started the planning and assigning tasks, such as selecting a campaign manager and others responsible for communication, distribution and documentation. The campaign specializes in providing primary school students with basic studying materials and it is mostly concerned with developing children's skills and learning capacity. 

Like any other independent project, the group faces a number of obstacles since their project is not legally licensed which imposes some serious security restrictions. In addition, th group is facing economic issues especially regarding collectiong and transfering donations from abroad. Nevertheless, the group was able to overcome these obstacles through “avoiding large transitions of money at once, and public distribution of material” according to one of the activists. They have also tried to source the needed of money through the internet and personal relations with contributors and donors. Fortunately, the team hasn't been subjected to any kind of harassment by the armed opposition, or regime forces so far.

Help Me Study is a civil campaign carried out by a group of Syrian youth, who believe in the importance of education, which prompts them to push their limits to prevent war from plaguing a whole generation with ignorance and illiteracy.


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