Homeland Free of Bigotry

01 April 2014

 As violence spreads like wildfire in Syria, so do bigotry and vengeance where each war-torn family or group vows against the other. This prompted activists to launch a campaign that focuses on the root of that problem, instead of the continuous preoccupation with its symptoms and implications.

After conducting surveys on the problems people are facing in several Syrian cities, prejudice and bigotry were reported as the most dangerous and widely-spread issues. Shortly after the questionnaire was held, the "Homeland Free of Bigotrycampaign was launched.

The campaign is a joint effort of the SRSP Foundation, “Yasmeen al Sham” Radio and the “With You” Foundation, with participation of several other media outlets. “Long-winded debates regarding the mission have taken place between the founding activists,” one of the campaign's operators explains, “eventually, we agreed on four simplified and short messages on the issue of bigotry and religious fanaticism. These were broadcast on air, in collaboration with several Syrian radio stations in most governorates.”

Additionally, the participating activists have produced short videos and designed many posters, holding slogans that advocate peace and tolerance, including, “Syria unites us, bigotry divides us” and “Only knowledge and morals will reconstruct Syria”.

Syria Unites Us, Bigotry Divides Us. Source: The campaign's Facebook page.
Syria Unites Us, Bigotry Divides Us. Source: The campaign's Facebook page.

According to its founders, “Homeland free of bigotry” is an ongoing initiative, due the acuteness of the issue, which demands a thorough analysis to reach a conscious, organized solution.

However, the hope that fills the activist's hearts, does not make them oblivious to reality. “We are completely aware that the consistent brutality and bloodshed in Syria, have left no room for the voice of reason. We thus welcomed criticism as an inevitability, with a firm conviction that intellectual change takes time, but it will ultimately lead us towards a better future." 


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