Hunger Strike For Syria campaign

10 March 2015

“Yes to voluntary hunger to stop obligatory hunger.”

The slogan of the campaign that was launched by a group of Syrian activists, under the title “hunger strik for Syria, which stems from the hunger in besieged cities in Syria.” as one of the campaign's activists says to Syria Untold.

The campaign began to spread its idea through social network websites, by asking everyone to join the hunger strike, in solidarity with Syrians under regime siege, to be a symbolic expression of support with those who stand on the edge of starvations.

The message behind this campaign is “No to obligatory hunger”, and the founders of the campaign believe it is succeeding in delivering this message to the whole world.
Throughout the uprising, activists have repeatedly tried to call for strikes, but many of them had failed. Still, one of this campaign's founders says “fight fire with fire. We consider this hunger strike to be another method of peaceful civil disobedience and our primary objective is for the hunger of Syria to be felt by the world, especially that our campaign includes solidarity stands in foreign countries to further emphasize our point.”

the voluntary strike began on November's 4, 2013 in order to break the seige of Homs and the south outskirts of Damascus. To serve this purpose, activists have prepared many brochures, signs and slogans, to achieve the maximum amount of media coverage, most of the brochures focus on pictures of children starving to death. The brochures also contain medical instructions for hunger strike volunteers, to prevent health risks.

Hunger Strik for Syria is a cry against the barbarism of the regime's policy of starving its own people, a cry that begins with the activist's voluntary strike, which is yet another attempt to wake a world that has lost every bit of humanity.


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Illustation by Dima Nechawi Graphic Design by Hesham Asaad