“Live”, is an activist group made up of seven activists, and based in the city of Kafranbel, Idlib. The team work behind the scenes to “resist the bombardement and war that pollutes the walls and the ideas, and to maintain the town as a place for life, rather than death,” as one member says in an interview with SyriaUntold.

The voluntary team of Live, aim to cover the walls of the city and its countryside with graffiti, drawings and the slogans of the uprising. In collaboration with the "Walls of Saraqeb" group, they have managed to cover more than half the walls of Kafranbel so far.

Graffiti covers the walls of Kafranbel. Source: Live Facebook page.
Graffiti covers the walls of Kafranbel. Source: Live Facebook page.

During the commemoration events of the revolution’s third anniversary the team was present in most of the activities. In cooperation with activist and organizer Zeina Erhayem, the team participated in the graffiti campaign that covered many walls with revolutionary slogans like: “Religion must not be coerced”, “Freedom and only freedom”, “Kidnapping activists is treason”, “Freedom forever, for every Syrian”, “The ideals of our revolution are red lines”. The slogans were devised and agreed upon by the different group to remind people of the lofty ideals of the revolution, as well as to shed light on the violations perpetrated by armed militias in liberated areas.

Through their vivid colors, the group delivers a strong message to the regime, and radical Islamist groups, that the uprising is alive in the face of their blackness, and that "There is no outcome, but freedom", as their slogan firmly emphasizes.


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