My Room is My Classroom campaign

28 May 2013

To fill the vacuum created by the withdrawal of the central authorities from some areas and cities, work groups and coordination committees have started to work to manage their own affairs. Their work includes, but is not limited to, education, management of public utilities, and awareness campaigns against diseases.

Within this framework, a group called Sanabil al-Hayat (Seeds of Life) has launched a project under the name Ghurfati Safi (My Room is my Classroom) in the Al-Hajar al-Aswad district in the outskirts of Damascus. The project started in January 2012 with the aim of educating students whose circumstances do not allow them to go to their schools.

The group, whose teachers are volunteers, provides each student with some basic school materials, such as notebooks. Because of the security situation, activists are trying to implement the project in each area according to conditions in the area. Classrooms are set up inside buildings or on the street depending, but the most important thing is to ensure the children are not in danger.

My Room is my Classroom is a crucial project directed at children and young people who cannot join their schools and complete their education. Four subjects are currently being taught to preparatory and secondary school students: Arabic, math, science and English.

Watch the following video of a group of children benefiting from the project:













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